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Hi everyone,

I have recently become aware of a new type of cyber culture and form of content creation in the form of “The Hype House” on TikTok. This type of mass content creation – like we’ve seen through Team 10 and other “influencer housing” has become a very popular and bulk way of keeping people interacted with an app and page for a longer amount of time while also housing their most prominent influencers for a price.

Figuring out how to watch this trend and create an artefact out of it was my biggest bump in deciding what to pick for my DA this semester.

My second plan is to possibly watch the trends in hospitality socials over the unfolding of COVID-19 around the Illawarra and how businesses react and change to move with changes in Environment. This would be done through my own employers Instagram and social media action plan that I am currently working on with the management team.

Please see the video below to watch the mess of my brain unfolding in picking a topic:


  1. Both of your ideas are good but I was wondering how would you measure changes in the content of a business page? I think you should focus on the topic which is more meaningful for you and for people in the future, so they can learn from the past with the digital artefact that you are doing today. For your project, this analysis of Tik Tok could be useful :


    1. Thankyou for the feedback! Since filming this my job did actually shutdown due to COVID-19 and they were unable to keep me on the social media crew so I will be going forward with the TikTok idea which I’m actually super excited for. Thanks also for the link as I do need a bit of extra research behind me going forward!!


  2. If you decide to choose the new type of content creation and take for example Tik Tok, this academic analysis shows purposes of using this application such as advertising creativity which is a new concept in a digital media era you could explore in your research.


  3. Both great ideas but I definitely had a few thoughts you could run with for Tik Tok. Given the prominence Tik Tok has in the world today, I think there’s so much potential to unpack and predict future trends on the app. I spend a lot of time on Tik Tok, I have seen hype house videos pop up but were not aware of the extent of it. These are apparently established traditions in the influencer industry. This article in Forbes has great context that could potentially be analysed for the future – Tik Tok is a newish platform, people are trying to figure out how to monetise from the platform and land brand deals. This is absolutely relevant for the future, definitely something worth looking into!


    1. Hey! I also checked out that article when doing research for this and I actually found that I had been underestimating the app and groups we see on it, leading me to think it could be grounds for a good research and DA piece. I’m also loving seeing how it has grown so much in the last 2 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is almost the newest form of meme.
      Thanks again for you feedback, this was super helpful!


  4. It would be extremely interesting to track TikTok’s growth over the past couple months with t he rise of coronavirus! It has become a lot more popular lately (65 million worldwide downloads in March 2020) . What I find interesting about TikTok, is the content that goes viral. This video I have linked was an experiment by a scientist to see which of two videos would get the most views. I believe that if you were to go in this sort of direction, it would be extremely beneficial to you with determine trends. I would be very interested to know what you would predict TikTok’s popularity to be in the future; after Covid-19 has settled down and we are no longer in isolation! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and findings.


  5. I got excited when I saw your DA might focus on TikTok as I’m an avid TikTok consumer. I’m sorry to hear that your workplace had to shut down due to COVID-19 and hope you’re doing okay. I think the TikTok idea is strong and has a lot of potential avenues to explore in terms of the future.

    Your comparison to a ‘sweatshop’ was a very accurate one, as many TikTokers- especially the bigger stars e.g the Hype House seem to prioritise quantity over quality, which in turn seems to work quite well on this app.

    Content creation has changed greatly over the years with a transformation from longer form content – like you mentioned (PewDiePie)- to shorter content. Personally, I’ve noticed with spending more time on TikTok I struggle with watching longer form videos now as I simply lose interest and get distracted. You could even explore the idea of how changing content could impacting on our usage and attention in the future. Here are a few articles that explore these ideas:

    Good luck with everything!


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